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MACK Granite Winter service with snow plough

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Item Description

"... heavy snowfall down to low lying areas ...", as soon as the motorists' information delivers this message the road clearance vehicles are out on the road, working round the clock. Known for its realistic vehicles that are suitable for all weathers, BRUDER has developed an impressive winter service vehicle based on a Granite truck, which matches the original in every detail. The wide, heightadjustable and, of course, also detachable snow plough pushes even the thickest piles of snow aside, ensuring a passable track. The extremely realistic gritter spreads sand or other gritting products onto the road to ensure non-skid driving.

Sale Type

automotive body

  • the blade can be lifted in or out by a lever (operating or transport position)
  • flags can be mounted on the plough blade
  • engine bonnet can be opened
  • fender, front panel, bonnet ornament, rear-view mirrors, exhaust pipes, roof lights, fanfares, and frame add-ons with chrome look
  • the blade angle can be adjusted by +/- 30°; it is self-arresting and stepless


  • fillable tank can be opened and closed
  • working space of the screw can be viewed (flap can be opened and closed)
  • gritter rotates by 180° (for transport and cleaning function)
  • fully functioning gritter with feeding screw, can be switched on and off by a lever


  • Recommended age: suitable from 3 years upwards for playing indoors and outdoors
  • manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS
  • Made by Bruder
  • Scale 1:16